The Best Tea Infusers

The best tea infusers allow tea fans to enjoy loose leaf tea at it’s finest. There is an ever increasing number of artisan and designer blends of tea on the market, and the choices in tea infusers is becoming mind boggling. From the traditional to the comical, made from steel or silicone, the choices are endless.

Best Tea Infusers – Types of Infuser

  • Tea Balls – a tea ball is a small, round, and enclosed infuser.
  • Baskets – are  a larger infuser with open tops, that sit on top of the vessel
  • Decorative – usually made from silicone, comes in a wide range of shapes and make fun gifts
  • Infuser mug – have their own integral infusers that sit directly inside the mug.

Whichever type of tea infuser you choose, remember that loose tea needs space to brew properly. So it is a good idea to pick the largest infuser for your cup or pot, and don’t over fill it.

8 Best Tea Infusers

Simply Modern Tea Infuser, Stainless Steel

best tea infusers

Simply place your choose loose leaf tea in your infuser, set the tea steeper into your mug and pour hot water into the infuser. Put the lid on to keep the heat in, wait 2-3 minutes and serve the perfectly brewed tea.

“I’m so impressed with this Simple Modern tea infuser. It is incredibly well designed and built. Made of stainless steel, it is durable and non-rusting, and most importantly it doesn’t impart any odd flavors.”

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Baby Nessie Tea Infuser

best tea infusers-nessie

The perfect gift for tea lovers, so cute and brews great tea.

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Swecatch Long Handled Tea Infuser


Perfect for a large cup single serving, ideal for letting your tea fully expand and breathe. Fill the bottom half with your favorite tea for the perfect cup every time

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UEndure Tea Infusion

best tea infusers

The UEndure tea infuser is simple to use – Just fill the stainless steel infuser with your favorite loose tea and then fill the bottle with hot water, and allow to infuse.

Mr Tea Infuser

best tea infusers-mr tea

  • Mr. Tea Infuser is an ideal companion to your cup of tea. Load his little gray pants, and perch him in your cup, rest and relax as he does his job and steeps
  • This tea infuser balances on the rim of your cup so you don’t have to worry about fishing it out

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Bekith Tea Infuser

best tea infusers - bekith

With the Bekith Tea Infuser you can enjoy the perfect cup of tea. An easy way to brew individual cups of tea from loose tea leaves. Simply just pop off the top and spoon your favorite loose tea inside the stainless steel cup. Then place into your cup and pour hot water over.

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ForLife Glass Tea Mug Infuser

best tea infusers-forlife

Tea Mug Infuser is designed for simple and clean way of brewing just one fresh cup of tea. As well as enjoying the color of your favorite tea!

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Sloth Tea Infuser

best tea infuser-sloth

How cute is he?

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 How To Choose The Best Tea Infusers For You

Having the best tea infusers will give you a perfect cup of tea everytime. Most tea infusers have a basic design, but some vary in design and special features.

Some of the things you should consider when choosing the best tea infusers include:

  • Safety – By it’s very nature a tea infuser will be dealing with hot and boiling water. It is important for your safety that it is reliable and works properly. Some infusers have heat proof handles that make them easier to remove when the tea is ready to drink.
  • Reliability – You want your tea infuser to produce a great cup of tea everytime, not occassionally. Some models produce a reliable cup of tea consistently, see the recommended list of infusers above. Tea ball infusers can be tricky to open and close,leading to frustration not a relaxing cuppa.
  • Maintenance – Look for a tea infuser that is not only easy to use but also to clean. I would recommend tea infusers that are dishwasher safe. Be on the look out for fiddly bits in the design, and grooves will collect the dirt and be a nightmare to clean.

How To Make Tea With a Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Firstly, you may want to consider pre heating your cup or pot, as it helps to keep the water at optimum temperature during the steeping process. Fill your cup with boiling water and leave for five minutes. Pour the water away and continue to make your tea.

Measure out the correct amount of tea for your infuser, or the amount of cups you wish to make. Remember not to over fill the tea infuser.

Check the best water temperature for your type of tea, it should be on the packet. For example, Green Tea should ideally be made with water between 70-80⁰C. Getting the water temperature right will help to avoid bitterness.

Pour the hot water into the cup or pot, placing the tea infuser into the water. Give your tea time to steep, each tea will have different requirements to get an optimum flavor, your packet should give you some guidance.

A rough guide to steep times:

  • Green Tea – 3 minutes
  • Black Tea – 5 minutes
  • White Tea – 3 minutes
  • Herbal Tea – Up to 10 minutes

Remove your tea infuser and enjoy your perfect,relaxing cup of tea.

I hope this helps you to choose your perfect tea infuser…my favorite today is the SLOTH

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