How to buy the best electric kettle

Every kettle will boil water, but which is the best electric kettle for your needs,in your kitchen? You can buy a confusing number of models that include features such as Super Quick Boil, Variable Temperatures and Water Filters. Your kettle can come in every imaginable finish and color to match your toaster or your kitchen color scheme. But which electric kettle is right for you?

Firstly do you want an electric Kettle at all?

Electric Kettles

Best electric kettleWhether a traditional design, jug or something a bit funky in design electric kettles are the most common type of kettle in modern kitchens. They come with a wide range of looks and finishes, including toughened glass,plastic or metallic. So they can fit in with the look of any kitchen, including country kitchens, but if you have a country kitchen there is another option you may want to consider.

Non-Electric Kettles

best electric kettleIf you have a stove or a large range cooker this nostalgic option may be right for you. A non-electric kettle is  alot slower to boil than your usual kettle, but they do look perfect in a country kitchen. I have a non-electric kettle as a back up in case of a power cut, I could heat it on my wood burner.

Most non-electric kettles come with a whistle to tell you they have boiled, a sound from gentler and slower paced times.

Best Electric Kettle – What features are important in a new kettle?

Kettles can come with an amazing range of features, and to be honest some of them seem completely pointless, but other features can make the difference between loving and hating your kettle, or even binning it and buying another one!

How fast does it boil?

For many people the speed the kettle boils water is a key consideration, in today’s busy world does it matter to you how long you wait for water to boil or your next cup of coffee? There can be as much as a two minute difference in the speed of kettles boiling water. Although that doesn’t sound like much, it can add up to significantly more time,energy and money used over the course of the kettles lifetime.

The power of a electric kettle generally ranges between 1.7kW to 3kW. A kettle that has a 3KW element is classed as rapid boil and you should be able to have a cup of boiling water within two and a half minutes.

How much noise does a kettle make?

It may sound trivial but a loud kettle can drive you nuts, particularly if like me you put the kettle on when you get a phone call! A noisy kettle can rival the noise of a electric drill.

This may be a compromise, because the more powerful and quicker the kettle boils, the more noisy it’s likely to be.

How much water can a kettle boil?

Most modern kettles will hold 1.5-1.7 litres of water, in theory this means they could boil seven cups of water at a time. If you had a higher water capacity it may make the kettle to heavy and cumbersome to lift and pour.

When choosing a kettle always consider it’s minimum capacity as well, being able to boil just one cup of water, will mean you don’t boil more water than you need and will save energy and money.

You may also wish to consider a small capacity kettle, if you have a small family or if weight is an issue, such as with conditions like arthritis.

Which is the best electric Kettle for making a cup of coffee?

If you enjoy your cup of coffee, or green tea, it may be best to buy a kettle that has variable temperatures, as well as the normal boil function.

Coffee is best made with water that’s between 90-95⁰C, to avoid scalding the coffee and ruining the taste. While green tea is best made with hot water between 70-80⁰C. So if you are a coffee lover (like me) the best electric kettle for you would have a variable temperature range.

Will an “Eco” kettle save me money?

While a kettle doesn’t use as much power as other kitchen appliances,such as dishwashers or microwaves. However, if you invest in a good quality,efficient,electrical kettle you can save both time and a small amount of energy everytime you boil your kettle.

Always look for a kettle that can boil as little water as a single cup, a low minimum fill level. That way you don’t waste money boiling more water than you need.

Best Electric Kettle – Other features to consider


A kettle full of boiling water can be heavy, so think about the position and shape of the kettles handle, this can effect the balance when pouring.

If the weight of your kettle is a concern for you, remember that metal kettles will tend to be heavier than a plastic kettle.


The majority of kettles have a removable and washable filter that fits in the sprout. These filters help to collect any build up of limescale that may otherwise pour into your drink.

Some kettles have water filters and purifiers, similar to the Brita water filter jugs. These filters remove water impurities. The filters have to be replaced every couple of months, depending on usage. The water filters can be quite bulky and take up some capacity in your kettle.


The element is responsible for heating the water in your kettle and they can be exposed,so you can see them in the bottom of your kettle, or a hidden element beneath the base plate of the kettle and so protected from any limescale build up.

Boil Dry Protection

A kettle with a boil dry feature, will automatically switch off if there isn’t enough water, so eliminating the risk of boiling dry.

360⁰ Base

The electric cable and therefore the power comes into the base of the kettle. The rest of the kettle is removable for filing and pouring. So you can set your kettle on the base, facing the best position for your usage.


A kettle that can be filled through a wide sprout will make filling quicker and easier. Another filling option is a hinged locking lid, and on some models of kettle the lids stay cool for added safety.


Kettles themselves can become extremely hot,especially metallic kettles. This could be something to consider if you have young children in the house.

Other safety features to consider are auto shut off when the water boils or the kettle is lifted, locking lids, thermal cut off,cool touch, cable storage in the base, a short cable, and a non slip base.

Using your new kettle as a design accessory

Kettles are available in every color you can think of, so if you are designing a new kitchen, look for a kettle that will add to the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Always try to make the things around you both practical and beautiful!

Maybe your kettle could add a single splash of a clashing color, or perhaps you would like it to match other appliances in the kitchen. The most often matched appliance is the toaster, and it is often possible to buy kettle and toaster sets that offer a saving on buying the item individually.

I hope you have found this article helpful in your search for the best electric kettle for your kitchen, please share your comments or maybe which kettle you have chosen to buy.



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