Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker

This Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker is an elegantly designed kitchen accessory appealing because it looks both funky and is a very simple concept.

To use the Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker you simply place your peeled garlic clove on a flat surface and position the garlic rocker directly above it, then use your hands on either end of the rocker to put some downward pressure and gently rock.  The garlic will come through the holes and sit awaiting use in the slightly dished area. Simple!

What I like about this garlic rocker, as apposed to traditional garlic presses, is the fact that it has no moving parts, so no fiddly washing and reassembling.  Some reviewers say it has large holes so the garlic isn’t finely chopped, I think that depends on your personal tastes when your cooking, it is definitely finer than when I manually slice garlic because I tend to be a bit hasty and very rough chopped pieces are the result.  If you wanted finer minced garlic, you could empty the garlic from the rocker back onto the board and repeat.

One claim that I am sceptical of though is the manufacturers claim that as the garlic rocker is made from stainless steel,which is naturally odour resistant, that as you wash the garlic rocker you gently rub it over your hands and that it will reduce the smell of the raw garlic on your hands!  Maybe, but the sceptic in me will probably keep using hand soap.

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