Mason Cash Mixing Bowls

I’ve decided to write about this design classic English mixing bowls, straight after using mine to make breakfast muffins (see recipe) and realising just how useful this large bowl is, but also how much I love it.

The traditional and solid feel of this mixing bowl is very homley and nostalgic. My grandmother had one of these bowls,that my Mum now uses, it reminds me so much of my childhood.

This range of Mason Cash Mixing Bowls are sturdy and heavy enough not to slip on the work surface during mixing of ingredients. The raised earthenware pattern and shape helps you grip the bowl while holding to whisk or beat the mixture.

I adore the lasting design of these mixing bowls and for me they will always remind me of the home comforts of baking, which is why mine is always on display in my farmhouse kitchen.

“…This is a perfect size for large batches of cake mix or dough. It’s stable during mixing, and the shallow, roomy interior allows for a good mixing action. The thick rim gives a firm grip. If you do large quantity baking or cooking, this bowl is perfect”


This mixing bowl is available in a range of sizes, and is freezer and dishwasher safe.

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