purple kitchen decorPurple kitchen accessories look very stylish in a modern kitchen scheme, and depending on the tone or hue it can make the room feel warm or cool, airy or vibrant.

Purple can be combined well in a scheme with pinks or with a clashing colour such as lime green.  Gold always looks stunning with any shade of purple.

Or you can simply add purple kitchen accessories to your existing kitchen, to add an unexpected burst of colour,richness and depth.



Purple Kitchen Accessories

The addition of purple kitchen appliances into your kitchen is a clever way to add blocks of colour to your room, they can look particularly effective when combined with white surfaces.

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Alone Mixer, in Boysenberry

The must have kitchen accessory, the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Alone Mixer is a classic, that is strong and very reliable.  This is an heirloom purchase, it will last forever!  The body of the mixer is a hand constructed fully metal construction, with the motor in the arm of the mixer supplying more power directly to the beater.

The mixer comes with three attachments, that do all the kitchen essentials:

  • Dough hook
  • Whisk or wire whip
  • Flat beater

The KitchenAid Artisan mixer comes in a stunning range of colours,and this boysenberry colour would be the perfect accent in a purple kitchen colour scheme.

“…Great mixer…very strong build quality…no fancy gizmo’s, just plain simple functions that are all you need to do a great  job…”

Reviewed on Amazon by Chris

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Morphy Richards Pyramid Kettle PlumMorphy Richards Pyramid Kettle, in Plum

What a wonderful colour it has a fabulous depth to it.

This Pyramid kettle is 1.5 Litre and rapid boil, with a traditional style.

“…This is a must have for any stylish kitchen…The kettle, is not only stylish, but boils very rapidly and the whistle lets you know when ready…very easy to clean…”

Reviewed on Amazon by Angela

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purple teakettleWhistling TeaKettle

This tradition inspired teakettle combines practicality and good looks.  With rich lilac colour in an easy clean porcelain enamel and ergonomically designed handle for comfort.  It can easily be used one-handed, while you pour you morning “cuppa.

“This is an adorable teapot and works really well… My daughter likes it a lot though, and it’s a perfect deep shade of purple. It makes great tea, too!” Reviewed on Amazon by Just Me

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Oster Jelly Bean 2-slice Toaster

purple toasterThe Oster Toaster has a very retro design and would certainly get admiration sitting on your counter tops.  It is to the highest quality, for practicality,durability and looks.

“The main reason I got this particular toaster was for the color and because the reviews stated it having thick bagel size openings. I used to squish my bagels in the other toaster I was using before because the slots were not thick enough. I no longer have that problem with this little beast and the purple color is amazing! Prettiest piece of equipment in my kitchen. :)”

Reviewed on Amazon by Rachel

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Purple Kitchen Accessories – The Finishing Touches

By adding the small purple kitchen accessories such as purple pans, or a lilac wall clock you can help to coherently bring your whole colour scheme together and give your kitchen the “X” factor.

Le Creuset Enamelled Cast Iron Buffet Casserole, in Cassis (3 1/2 quart/30cm)

This piece looks wonderful, as does the whole Le Creuset cassis range, but you would expect no less from this brand.  Le Creuset is hand manufactured in France by a specialist team of craftsmen, and the quality shows, and because of the companies confidence in their quality they offer a 101 year guarantee!

This cast iron buffet casserole is the perfect size for about five portions, but will easily fit six chicken breasts in.  It allows you to brown your meat on top of the stove and then transfer it directly into the oven.  While the cast iron gently and evenly radiates the heat to your food, giving a superior flavour and moistness.  Then when the cooking has finished you can simply serve your casserole straight to the table, as the pan looks beautiful as well.

“…I adore this braiser, worth *every* penny… I wanted a pan that  has great surface area for cooking on the stove top. I have made all sorts of wonderful meals with this pan, such as Beef Bourguignon, braised short ribs, various chicken dishes…as you would expect from a Le Creuset enameled cast iron piece, the browning is excellent and easily transfers to the oven for even cooking…cleaning is easy…cassis color is so beautiful…”

Reviewed on Amazon by Maureen

One word of caution, as with all cast iron cookware this pan is heavy, so consider who you buy it for, for instance I don’t feel it would be a suitable gift for my 70 year old mother.  However, she loves it, as Le Creuset is the best quality you can buy.

There is a whole range of stunning Le Creuset cookware in Cassis available on Amazon.

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Bodum Brazil 8-cup Coffee Press, in Purple

I’ve just ordered this Bodum Coffee Press. I have a dream of a perfect morning, freshly brewed French press coffee and croissant for breakfast, sitting outside in the morning sun…fingers crossed for the sun!

This coffee press has been slightly tweaked and redesigned the original. Now the Brazil 8-cup coffee press has a more ergonomic handle, is ultra-light and dishwasher friendly.  Best of all the 3-part mesh filter requires no paper filters, so less mess and waste and a better tasting cup of coffee.

How to make the perfect cup of coffee:

  • Add 1 tablespoon of coarsely ground coffee per cup required
  • Pour on water just below boiling point (better flavour)
  • Stir with a plastic spoon
  • Allow to brew for 4 minutes
  • Gently press down the plunger
  • Perfect Coffee

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Kuhn Rikon Wedge Serving Knife with Sheath,in purple

The Kuhn Rikon serving knife was designed by Swiss designer Philipp Beyeler, to allow ease of both cutting and then serving with one utensil.  The non-stick coating also means that sticky cakes just slide easily onto the plate, without bits sticking and the cake falling apart.

“…This is a great wedge serving knife…I have used it may times. It makes cutting a piece of pie,… quick and easy. No sawing required! The pieces come out whole and not a big pile of mush! This is a very sharp knife and is a must have in my kitchen…”

Reviewed on Amazon by Honey

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Normann Washing Up Bowl - purpleNormann Copenhagan Washing Up Bowl,in Purple

This washing up bowl designed by Ole Jensen is brilliant, when not in use it simple folds away, yet is a strong washing up bowl that adapts to it’s contents.  Because it’s rubber it also gives a soft cushioned landing to anything delicate that you are cleaning.

And on top of the practical features is really stunning and funky to look at!

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Purple kitchen accessories give a really deep burst of colour to your kitchen design scheme, they also make perfect gifts for anybody who’s favourite colour is purple (like my best-friend Joanne, just need to pick which gift!).

Purple Kitchen Designs

Purple is a strong colour and may be best as accessories, although it is a bold choice if your feeling brave!

Purple kitchen

Or brighten it up with white walls and purple cabinets

purple cabinets

Sometimes if you have white cabinets you can make a bold choice with paint for the walls and it’s easy to change.

purple walls

The easiest way to include purple in your kitchen scheme is just adding purple kitchen accessories

purple kitchen accessories

Or just go for it!

purple design