About Us – Kitchen Accessories Heaven

Cool-Kitchen-Steamer-Bay-Design-by-John-LewisWhen I was remodeling my kitchen, I knew that I didn’t want to visit a huge, echoing furniture warehouse, where I’m forced into a set Scandinavian ideal of style. I spent many hours finding the look, design and accessories for my new kitchen. Realizing that not everybody is obsessive about their houses, their design, and most of all their kitchens. My lifelong obsession with my kitchen (and let’s face it food) took the next leap…and Kitchen Accessories Heaven was born.

The interiors industry is always telling you what to do, what to buy to have your perfect room and lifestyle. But I don’t believe in “have to’s”, I encourage everybody to make their own dream kitchen in their own way. Make your kitchen a mixture of practical and fantasy. If you want a bright yellow kitchen, buy more than bananas!

traditional-kitchenKitchen Accessories Heaven offers a unique curated selection of kitchen accessories, appliances and gadgets. I love doing this because I get to spend my spare time looking at wonderful items for the kitchen, but it does mean that I own more than 40 cups and mugs, and there are only two of us in the house!

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